Attendance Policy

1. Attendance in our classes is defined as a student physically attending a classroom on the enrolled/registered dates and times. We track attendance through rosters and sign in sheets. Students are expected to attend the course for which they are registered (present at the start of the course, return from breaks, and remain in class for the. course complete duration).

2. Students will be required to provide a current government issued ID prior to the start of the course to verify that student is who they say they are and are not representing somebody else.

3. Institute instructors and/or facilitator (s)will be responsible for checking students into the course and verifying identity, as well as validating that students have returned from breaks.

4. While attending the course students are not allowed to be engaged in other activities: surfing the Internet, conducting business, engaging in household activities and etc.

5. Instructor is required to routinely poll or ask every student to respond to questions to confirm their presence throughout the entire course. The student who is unable to respond to questions in a timely manner will be asked to leave the classroom.

6. The following practices are not acceptable:

  • Being late for a course for more than 5 minutes;
  • Returning late from breaks or meal;
  • Making-up of the missed percentage of the course.

7. If a student misses a part of the course, that person will not be able to make up the missed portion of the class later at no charge. In order to get full credit for the class, the student will need to be registered in another class and attend the entire class. The student will be charged the full cost for the second attempt at finishing the class.

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