Informative and engaging CE for your organization.

Your members deserve more than cookie-cutter CE classes that deliver little more than the hours needed to earn credits. With the TapMoney Institute, you can bring informative and engaging CE taught by local industry experts to your Brokerage or Board. 

Informative and Relevant Course Subjects

Our courses focus on subjects relevant to the situations agents encounter on a regular basis, and provide information that can help them earn more money and offer more value to their clients.

Key Insights, Tailored to the Local Market

TapMoney is Georgia-founded and proud, with a team that has decades of local experience. Our instruction is design to provide agents with important and up-to-date insights on the local market.

Strong Focus on Financing Education

Our team specializes in financing and are leading Metro Atlanta experts in the non-traditional lending space. Our classes aim to educate realtors about this important aspect of any successful real estate transaction.

Traveling Options Available

While we're based in the Metro Atlanta area, we'd be glad to discuss travel options for organizations located in other locales of the state.

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