Understanding and Repairing Credit: Make the Deal Work!

Develop a better understanding of credit, its impacts, and how to repair a buyer’s score.

About the course

Develop a better understanding of credit, its impacts, and how to repair a buyer’s score. In this course, you’ll first take a look at the fundamentals of score calculation, loan-level price adjustments, impacts of Covid-19 and more.

Next, we’ll explore Identity Theft and Fraud. You’ll learn how to take protective measures against identity theft, credit freezes, and impacts of such measures on credit. Finally, we’ll delve into repairing a buyer’s credit score. Discover the laws that protect borrowers’ rights, how to run credit simulations, the best kept secrets of repairing credit, and more.

Upon the conclusion of this course, you’ll have a complete picture of credit that can help better your understanding of your client’s credit, it’s impacts, and how you can make the deal work.

This course will be taught in-person at NAMAR on November 9th. 

Course Content


Course outlines

10  min.


The instructor will facilitate and encourage  the class to get to know each other, foster a sense of community in the  class, and help students learn from each other. To get us started, please  tell us your name, and your professional interest in this course.

Learning Objectives

SECTION 1 Credit Scores

110  min.

Credit Score and FICO® Score

-       What is credit score and how it is calculated?

-       FICO® score and its variations based on  scoring model and lender

-       Who may request my credit report?

-       The big three: Equifax, Experian,  TransUnion 

Credit score breakdown &  score ranging

Credit tips: High achiever  characteristics

Managing credit and FICO® scores  responsibly

Higher FICO score saves your money

Lates related to Covid 19

Credit  scoring industry leaders: Tri-Bureau vs. Bureau-Specific Models

Loan-level Pricing Adjustment (LLPA)

Free credit report. Ways to get FICO®  scores.

Credit  report: how to read and understand it?

BREAK  (10 min)

SECTION  2 Identity Theft and Fraud

50  min.

Identity  theft and identity fraud

-           Methods used by identity thieves to get hold  personal information

-           COVID 19 related scams for identity theft

-           Measures to be taken to avoid becoming a  victim of identity fraud

Fraud  Alert & Credit Freeze as effective tools against identity theft

Fraud  Alert:

-         Effectiveness of placing a fraud alert and the  impact on a credit

-         Types of fraud alerts

-         How to place an alert

Credit  Freezes

-     Security  Freeze notice and timing

-     Steps  for freezing credit

-     Temporary  lift of security freeze

BREAK (10 min)

SECTION 3 Repairing Credit Score

70  min.

Federal laws protecting borrowers’ rights

-     Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) of 1970

-     Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions  Act of 2003

Strategies & tools available:  What-If Simulator, Wayfinder

Basic process for repairing credit

Mistakes in credit repair

The best kept secrets of credit repair

Technics and methods for repairing credit  report

Sample Letters


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