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Our comprehensive 20-Hour NMLS Mortgage Loan Originator Pre-Licensing course will take you from zero to hero, so you can unlock new streams of revenue and do more for your clients.

Meet a better way to get your NMLS license.

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You’ll get direct access to industry leaders with in-depth knowledge and working experience. Through hands-on learning and engaging lessons, we'll equip you with the knowledge you need and go beyond the textbook.

Be NMLS Ready

Every MLO's journey begins with the NMLS Licensing Exam and an ID. We’ll walk you through getting your ID and give you the knowledge you need to pass along with an opportunity to practice and materials you can use to study.

Real-World Insight

We wanted our course to do more for you than just check the boxes—that’s why we’ve made sure to teach it in a way that provides you with a fresh curriculum and real-world insights, so you’ll be ready for more than just the exam.


Our Pre-Licensing course is approved by both the NMLS and the GREC. That means you'll earn 20 hours of real estate CE and 3 hours of license law in addition to fulfilling the required 20-hours of NMLS Pre-Licensing.

Unlock the power of an MLO License.


MLOs earn more money.

In an uncertain market, it's important to diversify streams of income. Getting your MLO License is a strong first step towards earning more money. Additionally, dually-licensed Real Estate Agents can earn more than double their income when also holding an MLO License.


Do more for your clients.

With an MLO license, you will gain access to the mortgage side of real estate transactions and be able to help more customers find their dream property or refinance a mortgage, whether they're first time buyers or seasoned investors.You'll also be equipped with the knowledge you need to guide your clients to a successful closing.


Build industry connections.

As an MLO, you'll build key industry connections that will empower you to do more for your clients as you discover new ways to ensure your clients can secure the financing they need. 

  • Course Introduction

    Get to know your instructor and your classmates, before diving right in.

  • Chapter 1: The Mortgage Lending Industry

    We'll begin with an aerial view of the mortgage industry and get you started with NMLS licensing.

  • Chapter 2: Learning Products and Programs

    We'll begin with an aerial view of the mortgage industry and get you started with NMLS licensing.

  • Chapter 3: Mortgage Loan Applications

    Learn about advertising rules leading up the application process, and the process itself.

  • Chapter 4: Underwriting and Processing

    Gain a deep understanding of this make-or-break step in the mortgage process.

  • Chapter 4 Continued: Mortgage Loan Applications

    Gain a deep understanding of this make-or-break step in the mortgage process.

  • Chapter 5: Closing and Funding

    The final step of the mortgage process.

  • Chapter 6: Ethics and Consumer Protections

    Learn the nuances of the safeguards and acts that regulate this complex industry.

  • Chapter 7: Federal Mortgage-Related Laws

    Introduction to Federal laws that relate to the mortgage industry.

  • Chapter 7 Continued: Federal Mortgage-Related Laws

    Federal laws that relate to the mortgage industry.

  • Final Exam

    You'll complete the course with a final exam to earn your credits, and prepare you for the NMLS licensing exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get your MLO License in Georgia?

The total cost of getting your MLO license depends on things like course cost. With our course, you can expect to spend $349 on required education, $110 on the license exam, ~$40 on state and FBI background checks, $30 on the NMLS application fee, $100 on GA's application fee, and finally a credit report with a fee of $15.

What format is your MLO class?

Our MLO class is exclusively taught in-person. We pride ourselves in offering one of the state's best pre-licensing programs and want our students to interact directly with industry experts. This way, you'll do more than just check-off a requirement; instead, you'll gain all the knowledge you need and have the opportunity to have all your questions answered in an interactive format.

How do I become an NMLS licensed loan officer in Georgia?

To become a loan officer in Georgia, you'll need to start by requesting an NMLS account. This will generate an account number, or NMLS ID, which will serve you throughout your LO career. You'll then need to complete 20 hours of pre-licensing education, before applying to take the NMLS licensing exam. After passing the exam, you'll need pass an FBI and state background check, before finally applying for your NMLS license. Once you are licensed, you'll need to find a licensed employer for sponsorship.

What can I expect to see on the NMLS exam?

The NMLS exam is a relatively difficult exam, with a 58% first-time pass rate. The exam consists of 115 questions, with 3 and 10 minutes allotted to take the test. Taking the test isn't free, so it's important to be well prepared for test-day.

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